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Recommend HQ​

Proven by KKBOX Adoption

Recommend HQ providing Recommendation as a Service is powered by highly customizable machine learning models and infrastructures, delivering true personalization across various industry scenarios. Recommend HQ has proven to be effective and robust through one of its first customers, KKBOX, a leading music streaming service in Asia. Recommend HQ covers a wide range of industries and functions including media, e-commerce,  and marketing.  Adopting Recommend HQ is relatively hassle free as KKLab works closely with customers to integrate recommender solutions step-by-step.

User Engagement Economy

Once an internet service finds its initial product market fit, it is crucial to boost user engagement to continue growth and remain competitive. Recommend HQ can help increase user retention and return rate, reduce churn and improve conversion. 



Co-build with Albert Leung | 林夕 generates unlimited lyrics inspirations through writing style adjustment, multisyllabic rhyming and keyword embedding. The founding team was formed by the legendary lyricist, Albert Leung, and two machine learning engineer slashies with music career. is a productivity tool built by creators for creators, empowering lyricists of all levels to initiate writing and overcome writer’s block. We put creativity back in your hands and let AI take care of all the hassles.


Creator Economy

Unlike photographers and visual creators who have many fancy tools at their disposal, only limited text editing tools are available for writers and lyricists. bridges this gap with a full functionality tool from ideation, writing to sharing. More than 1000 professional and amateur lyricists have joined this community. is morphing from a productivity tool to a networking platform where lyricists can showcase and discover the latest work.



Co-build with Che Pope

An AI engine extends and varies beatmakers' bass line and helps beat makers conquer writer's block. The technology is a collaboration by KKLab and Che Pope, 3 time Grammy Awards nominated producer. Trained by massive hit songs, the AI generated genre specific bass lines. 

Music Production Economy

There are existing companion tools helping producers to conquer writer's block, however they are mostly driven by rule-based music theory algorithms. The base algorithms give the result a mundane nature in quality. 808 bass line generator by KKLab is a big leap forward in core tech by leveraging machine learning algorithms. The generated bass lines can be more inspiring since the AI references popular songs, not music theory.

Trading (1).jpg


Co-build with EphodTech

​Unleash the power of AI to boost efficiency in high speed trading. The trading signals platform is a lightening fast implementation of investment neutral strategy to help traders beat the game of speed.​ It harvests massive historical data and generates trading advice to traders. Driven by Pure Factor algorithms, traders can easily spot trends in historical data and hence make timely and speedy decisions. 


Investment Industry

Our technology grant our traders with unfair advantages. Speed is what sets us apart. Collecting massive historical data is not enough. The key lies in how fast these data can be managed and analyzed. AI digests huge amounts of data which humans simply can't. Our trading signals platform makes decision making easy and fast.

Trading Signals
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